Weekly World Music: “Decollage” by Alizee.

With the more folk-themed songs I’ve been posting lately, I decided to go for something different this week. Alizee is a Corsican-born French pop singer, best known outside France for her debut single “Moi… Lolita.” I have been sadly unable to find any English translations that make sense, so I can’t say much about its meaning or provide English lyrics. If someone has decent English translation, please drop me a line. ^^

La mélancolie dans le collimateur

Même dans mon lit, sans ordinateur

Escalier de rêves en colimaçon

Colimaçon, en colimaçon

Faire ses bagages pour l’invitation

Choisir le maillot d’après l’inspiration

Je pars d’un souffle et c’est la détonation

Détonation, une détonation

Tu l’entends quand mon homme est mal

Un baiser et je prends le large

C’est le filon phénoménal

Destination, une destination

Se retirer pour un voyage

Le vivre en lettres capitales

Prendre l’envol en coquillage

Une évasion

C’est une évasion

Retomber pour un décollage, sans altitude

Je m’échappe dans mon coquillage, par certitude

Sans revenir à mes points de départ

Cherche une étoile pour un rancard

Faire une escale dans ma constellation

Constellation, constellation

A l’aise dans ma bulle à carapace

La tristesse n’a pas sa place

Ce mal de l’air est inlassable

Faites attention, faites attention

Rechargée quand je sors de là

A ses cotés, on me sent là-bas

Son regard me donne le la

Palpitation, des palpitations

Viens m’enlacer dans tes pétales

Ma peau de nacre, ta perle dort

J’y entre quand les anges dorment

Situation, c’est la situation


Quand ma coquille est au creux de la vague

Tu ne pourras pleurer qu’un milligramme

La fée clochette est ma seule copilote

C’est de ma bulle que l’on passe à l’action

A l’intérieur je suis l’antidote

Tout va se dérouler, comme nous l’avions

Prévu. L’avion? Mais ce n’est pas un avion

Comme un avion, mais les ailes d’un oiseau

Décollage, sans altitude

Je m’échappe dans mon coquillage, par certitude

[Refrain x2]

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The other day I was sitting in my car thinking about how beautiful the Asian Steppe is and got all choked up. 

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AU where Cersei never stops drawing fanart of her and Rhaegar together. 

Here’s one from her teenage years. 


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  1. joelyjo said: I never quite understood the Dorne as India thing either. GRRM has stated that Dorne is a cultural/historical cross between Spain and Wales and I always imagined the Dornish to be very Spanish in appearance - or at the outside, North African.

I’m not sure when GRRM made his statements that it was based heavily on Spain and the Moorish kingdoms in Spain, so perhaps once people were just picking a place off the top of their head before there had been a confirmed real-life inspiration (though considering India would be much better paired with Essos, it still seems a strange choice). I’ve heard a bunch of people use GRRM’s comments that Leila Bekhti resembled Arianne as a defense of Dorne/India, conveniently forgetting that her mother Melario is from Norvos, which logically would make a much better India than Dorne. And then I think there are some who just want an excuse to live out their Bollywood fancast fantasies.

But the fact that this continues with such frequency when it’s been made explicitly clear that Dorne is NOT based on India, and when there are a multitude of sources that could be used to beautifully represent a non-Indian Dorne says to me that either people are simply so ignorant of the differences between the middle east, northern Africa, and India that they honestly don’t understand that they’re not all just one giant culture/country, or that they are simply living in denial and refuse to admit that it’s not the way they imagined once upon a time.

The first seems more plausible, but I’ve seen a lot of denial and (what appears to be purposeful) mis-imagining in the Dorne/Martell tags, so the second option wouldn’t really shock me either. After all, if people can use the “brown as a Dornishman” line as a reason to over-represent the Moorish/North African influence and underplay or outright ignore the Spanish/Welsh, or claim that ALL Dornish are dark-skinned Sandy Dornish, even when the text clearly states a character is olive-skinned or pale, and cry racism when someone disagrees with their mis-reading, then imagining it as an entirely different county on a different continent can’t be that much harder.

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Came home to find Tumblr in a tizz. Well, to be honest, I never really doubted Alexander Siddig would be the eventual choice for Doran, especially considering the tv work he’s done lately, but I’m pleased to hear he’s been cast. But on the other hand, it seems really weird there’s no Arianne. What’s the latest on that? Has it been confirmed she won’t appear, or is it just based on her notable absence? I assume if she won’t be appearing they’ll use the Sand Snakes to fill her role, or maybe they’ll introduce her later? Not having her at all seems like a bizarre move.

weirdpolis - Hey :) That history questionaire you blogged is really interesting. I'm tempted to ask you all the questions, but for now, can you please share something about 5, 7, 26, 29 and maybe 20, if that's not too much? Thank you and have a good day. (btw, how's "Baptism of fire" going?)
  • 5. Favourite weapon?

Bow and arrow, in every form and every time

  • 7. Historical dressing, uniform or costume?

This is such a hard question! There are so many regions and periods I could pick from that there’s no way I can give a straight answer, I’m sorry! 

  • 26. Forgotten hero we should know about and admire?

The members of the White Rose. (I’m cheating a bit with this, as they’re a group, not an individual; also I’m not sure they’re forgotten, but they’re not well known, at least not here in the US.) They’ve been heroes of mine since I was a teenager; to me, they represent the very definition of heroism. 

  • 29. Great historical mystery you are interested in?

Solved: The fate of the two missing Romanovs. Unsolved: The cause/reality of the Greek “dark ages”, and the change from Mycenaean to Doric culture.

  • 20. History crush?

George Miller-Bligh. There’s isn’t a whole lot of info on him (which helps, honestly.) but not only could he pull off a Napoleonic uniform, he was also a total dreamboat. I mean, look at him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Miller_Bligh#mediaviewer/File:George_Miller_Bligh.jpg

And as far as Baptism of Fire, when it arrived I had six other books I had to get through ahead of it (including library books), so I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to read it yet. (Hence no reaction posts, which I can’t help but think will be inevitable once I do start.) I’m down to a book and half now, so I hoping it should only be a matter of weeks before I get to it. Thanks for the questions!

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Time for a random dump post of my casting/fancasting thoughts.

I’m tired of seeing Adelaide Kaine (who’s much too blandly pretty for it) used for Lyanna, and Rhaegar graphics/fancasts with Vikings!Travis Fimmel hurt my soul. I’ve also developed an intense dislike of the Dorne-as-India thing (mostly because I can’t help but feel most of it’s caused by people legitimately not knowing the difference between North African, Middle Eastern, and Indian culture.) On the other hand Aiysha Hart for Elia is something I will never get tired of, and and after seeing some shots of her in the upcoming Hercules, I would be totally ok with seeing Irina Shayk used for Elia as well. Also, I’ve come to the conclusion Ingrid Bolsø Berdal is my go-to Visenya fancast, and even though she’s too old now, Imogen Poots is forever my personal fave Lyanna.

Also, it’s interesting having now watched people fall so completely in love with Pedro Pascal’s portrayal of Oberyn, to remember how when the announcement was made people were screeching endlessly about how terrible it was, to the point where I had to stop tracking the Martell tag because it was just a hysteria dump.

On the non-ASOIF/GOT end, I am sick of Q’orianka Kilcher being faceclaimed and fancast almost exclusively as Pochahontas or Tiger Lily, and the few people who’ve made the effort to use her for other things deserve an internet high-five. Also, having given it a lot of thought, I don’t think there’s anyone in the business beautiful enough to play Helen of Troy other than Golshifteh Farahani. Face that launched a thousand ships, indeed.

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What to do if you have 10,000 hours of free time?


Andy Wilkinson has recreated a miniature version of the Bayeux Tapestry - the eleventh-century embroidery that depicts William the Conqueror’s invasion of England and victory at the Battle of Hastings.  It took him 18 years to sew the 40 foot-long replica and he estimates that he spent about 10,000 hours to complete it.

Mr. Wilkinson explains, “I work a lot of night shifts and used to come home and find myself with not a lot to do for a few hours. I had seen a copied section of the tapestry at a medieval fair and thought that if they can do that so can I.

"Having never done a tapestry before, I came home and found a picture and just started to draw and sew. I had no formal training in sewing or drawing. I just drew the outlines of figures and animals like the horses onto a piece of calico material and then just stitched it."

This version of the Bayeux Tapestry depicts the portion of the Battle of Hastings. It will be going on display at Battle Abbey, the site of the battle that was fought in 1066.

Article found here

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I am the nymph of the forest. I had the right to take a human form. I wanted to know the thing humans call love. I had you, my prince.

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New Sleepthief video, “Dust and Cloud” featuring Phildel

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